Assembly Production

Full turnkey solution available

If you have a prototype design or are currently building in house then we may be able to offer a solution, having expert technicians, procurement team and quality control allows us to supply you with a competitive package for your products.

  • Assembly / Pre-Build

    Manufacturer trained technicians gives Multicare the best skills to assemble or pre-build within your requirements. This can range from setting up IP addresses, focusing cameras to a specified range to mounting brackets and re-labelling products.

  • PCB Sourcing

    Having contacts around the world, Multicare are able to efficiently bring your design to a reality. Working closely with your R&D team to have a quality PCB produced.

  • Component Placement

    Highly Skilled technicians and engineers gives you piece of mind with component placing, having skills with specialist tools used in electronic component placement by hand.

  • Testing

    Specialist test jigs supplied by the manufacturer or designed in conjunction with your product enables efficient testing to a high standard.

  • Quality Control

    Our in house quality team samples products at various stages, having a keen eye for detail ensures the quality of your product is to the highest standard. Working alongside the manufacturer we identify areas where improvements can be made.

  • Packing & Shipping

    The packaging and shipping department understands how to present a product to the market. Cleaning, packaging and labelling all items whilst ensuring that only the highest of standards are met before the product is shipped.

  • Batch Rework

    If you have a batch rework project then we can accommodate your needs, having a large warehouse we can accommodate many pallets of rework items.

Assembly-Production at Multicare
Assembly-Production at Multicare
Assembly-Production at Multicare

For more information about our services, please feel free to contact the Multicare team